Same Day Delivery (Order before 2PM to get same-day delivery or next day delivery) Min order Rs. 200
Delivery at Dibrugarh

Return/Refund Policy


Within 2 hours of placing a successful Order you will be able to cancel it. If in case you want to increase quantity and amend the said order please contact our Customer Support number as soon as possible before Order is on the way for delivery.


Within 24-48 hrs your amount will be refunded to your bank account. applicable for online payment. For COD, cash refund by delivery agent.


This option is valid up to 48 hours from the delivery time (Applicable for food and non-food items except vegetables, Fish, Chicken & meat or any such item). You can return (Fruits, Vegetables, Fish, Chicken and Meat) only at the time of delivery if any found damaged. Please confirm these items in front of the delivery person before accepting the delivery. Anything issues beyond delivery will not be entertained.

Return & Replacement - In case of Damaged Products sent from our side/ Wrong Delivery Get Refund / Replace Within 24 Hrs (0 Charge)

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